Living environment

Natural and convenient living environment

Kashiwa-no-ha park

A vast park about 10 minutes by bus from school. There are facilities where you can play on the spacious lawn and enjoy sports.

Tone-canal waterfront park

A park built using the levee along the Tone canal. You can enjoy Hanami, picnics and cycling.

Kikkoman soy sauce museum

It is a museum where you can observe the seasoning “soy sauce” that represents Japan and learn about the history and knowledge of soy sauce.

Nagareyama Otaka-no-mori shopping center

This shopping mall is located at Nagareyama Ookanomori, 2 stations from Edogawadai. There are various shops, amusements and cinemas.

Around Kashiwa station

The area around Edogawadai's 5 stations, Kashiwa, is very busy with department stores, restaurants and bars, and there are many shops where foreign students can work part-time.

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